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Army Ignited Pilot Training in Saint Paul | US Flight Co

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Army IgnitiedPilot Training

Army Ignited Pilot Training

FLY KDSM / US Flight Co Army Ignitied Pilot Training Program

The army ignited pilot training program is a unique program offered to army service members. This program allows soldiers to receive up to 4,000.00 dollars each fisical year on flight training. Soldiers use the platform to enroll. Soldiers should search for FLY KDSM when using Becoming a civilian pilot is challenging and rewarding. Learn more by reading AOPA’s learn to fly article.

Who Does The Army Ignited Pilot Training Apply To?

  • Active Army Service Members
  • National Guard Service Members
  • Reserve Army Service Members
  • Enlisted Army Service Members
  • Officer Army Service Members
  • Warrant Officer Army Service Members

How Much Pilot Financial Assistance Can I Get?

Enrolled individuals may receive 4,000.00 dollars per year that can be used towards flight training

How Does The Process Work?

  • Submit a request to FLY KDSM using the Army Ignited FLY KDSM Enrollment Form below.
  • Soldiers should be signed up or create a new account for Soldier then finds FLY KDSM (In Army Ignited Platform) and submits a request to use financial assistance with FLY KDSM.
  • FLY KDSM will provide you with a quote breaking down what training is included with the associated cost. Soldier will then take the quote from FLY KDSM and submit it to Army Ignitied for approval. Once approved you are able to start flight training with FLY KDSM.

    Note: Soldiers do not pay FLY KDSM. Army Ignited pays FLY KDSM.

  • If changes need to be made to the quote while you’re training (you have left over funds that you want to use for another FLY KDSM pilot program) you will need to resubmit a request for another quote through the Army Ignited FLY KDSM Enrollment Form.
  • Note: Unused funds can not be refunded to the soldier. They will be refunded back to Army Ignited.

The ArmyIgnited program is avialable at all FLY KDSM / US Flight Co Locations

Des Moines Flight School

Des Moines, IA (KDSM)

Kanas City Flight School

Kansas City, MO (KMKC)

St. Paul Flight School

St. Paul, MN (KSTP)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Department of Defense and the Department of the Army are neither affiliated with nor endorses FLY KDSM or US FLIGHT CO.