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Flight School Des Moines - Iowa | Best US Flight Co

Flight School Des Moines, IA

The Fasted Path To Become an Airline Pilot



“The aviation sector has been hit in recent times with a growing demand for new pilots as the airline industry continues to experience global shortages in the number of certified pilots. In the next 20 years, airlines in North America alone are going to be in need of around 117,000 new pilots.”


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How to Become an Airline Pilot Guide

Get Your FREE Pilot Training Guide!

How to Become an Airline Pilot Guide

Get Your FREE Pilot Training Guide!


Des Moines Pilot Training Programs


Our Des Moines Private Pilot Training offers students a complete and professional flight training program where you will learn everything required to safely and confidently fly an aircraft. Our mission is to provide the best flight training possible while helping students master their new skillset. We don’t just teach the FAA minimums, we incorporate real world scenarios and tools not used by our competitors. We are conveniently located within the Signature Flight Support building at Des Moines International Airport in Des Moines, IA. Check out our Private Pilot Program for more details! 


Our Des Moines Airline Pilot Training offers students a complete training program to be career ready in just 10 months! We have several packages available including finishing with your Commercial Multi Engine Instructor Rating (MEI) with 25 Hours Actual Multi Engine Time and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument with 75 Hours Total Instrument Time. This prepares you for the airlines leaving the only requirement  left to fulfill is the 1500 Hours Total Time which is acquired by working as a flight instructor. See more about our Airline Pilot Program Here


Our Des Moines location offers several Accelerated Pilot Training options including Accelerated Private Pilot, Instrument Training, Commercial Pilot License, Multi Engine Rating, and Certified Flight Instructor Courses. We have furnished housing available to make your stay comfortable and easy. Our Accelerated Private Pilot License Course will get you your license in as little as 14 days! 


We provide a clean and professional environment for flight training and flight planning.  Students and renters have access to Signature Flight Support Des Moines’ shared lobby and conference room. We provide an exclusive briefing room in addition to quiet individual flight planning spaces. We provide a laptop, printer, and WiFi for flight planning, dispatching aircraft, and checking aircraft in during debrief.  Call us today to schedule a tour and check out our flight school. 


Des Moines Flight School Desks
Des Moines Flight School Briefing Room
Des Moines, IA Conference Room

Take Advantage of Our Full Financing Today!

No hard hit to your credit unless you are approved and decide to move forard!


Most flight schools will take between 3 and 6 months to get your private pilot license. With our accelerated programs you can get your Private Pilot License in as little as 14 days!

The FAA minimum is 40 hours, nationwide average is about 56 hours to get their license. With our accelerated full immersion style training most students are close to the 40 hour minimum.

Expect to pay around $10,000 for a Private Pilot License. Get our Free Pilot Guide to get a complete cost breakdown of training. 

With an instructor flight lessons are about $180/hour plus tax. Fuel surcharges may apply.

Airlines typically cover training for type ratings and in some cases will cover the cost for pilots to get their Airline Transport Rating.
Meet up with one of our FAA Certified Instructors and they will lay out a path for you to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot using our proven curriculum.
All of our flight instructors are trained on navigating all the specific requirements to start flight training including TSA Approvals, Student Pilot Certificates, and Flight Medicals. Give us a call today to meet with an instructor and start the process.


From Zero Hours to Airlines

2 Months

Private Pilot License

This license will allow you take to the skies with friends and family as you fly for pleasure or travel.

4 Months

Instrument Rating

Refine your skills as you learn to fly and navigate solely through the use of aircraft instruments. 

7 Months

Commercial Pilot License

This is the license that allows you to fly for compensation and get a job as a pilot. Common jobs at this level are flying for pipeline / powerline inspection, ferry pilot, and sky diving pilot.

8 Months

Certified Flight Instructor Rating

This rating is required to teach other people how to fly. This is the most common way to log the time required to meet airline requirements.

9 Months

Multi Engine Instructor Rating

This rating is required to fly and teach in aircraft with more than one engine. While you can typically acquire this rating in as little as 10 hours, we include 25 Hours Actual Multi-Engine time as this is the minimum required by the airlines. 

10 Months

Begin Working as a Flight Instructor

Working as a flight instructor is the most common way to acquire the 1500 hours Total Time required by the airlines. At US Flight Co. we know our flight instructors are our most valuable asset. This is why we pay our instructors well above the industry average. 

End of Year 2

Begin Flying For Regional Airline

Upon accumulation of 1500 hours and 200 hours of cross country time you can apply for an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rating. This will allow you to get hired on at a regional airline. 



Our Des Moines, IA location utilizes both high wing Cessna 172 Skyhawk and low wing Piper Cherokees. Both Cherokees and Cessnas provide great platforms for learning private, instrument, and commercial. Our fleet is constantly being updated with modern avionics, new interiors, and fresh paint as fast as our in house maintenance team can work. 


Chief Flight Instructor Des Moines, IA

Ferenc Csatlós

Chief Flight Instructor | AGI CFII
Ferenc (Frici) is passionate about teaching and flying, earning his private pilot license about 15 years ago. Shortly after he transitioned to flying high performance complex airplanes including a Piper Cherokee Six (PA32) and a Piper Malibu (PA46). He then went on to earn his instrument, commercial, CFI, and CFII certificates. With over 1800 hrs of real world flying experience Frici developed consistent best practices and as a CFII he enjoys passing that knowledge down to the next generation of pilots.
Flight Instructor Michael Robertson

Michael Robertson

Certified Flight Instructor | CFII MEI
Michael is a second-generation pilot that has been around general aviation his whole life. In 2019 he started to pursue a career in aviation, over the next year he would acquire CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates. After earning his ratings he went on to instruct at Embry Riddle University for a year and a half before joining US Flight Co. He plans to further himself as an instructor while building hours towards his goal of flying for the airlines.