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Private Pilot Check List | Best 8 Step for US Flight Training

Step 1

First Meeting / Discovery Flight

The first step for all private pilots (both professional and recreational). This one on one meeting with a US Flight Co Certified Flight Instructor allows you to see what it’s like to be a pilot. Take the controls on this flight, tour US Flight Co’s facilities, and discuss your pilot goals. Walk away with a pilot logbook and the first hour towards your private pilots license! If you choose not to continue theirs no obligation.

Step 2

Schedule / Aquire Flight Medical

Once the commitment is made to obtain your private pilots license schedule your flight medical ASAP! You can continue training even if you don’t have a medical, but you’ll not be able to perform solo flight training. US Flight Co requires the student to get their medical scheduled as soon as they’ve committed to flight training.

Step 3

Choose Ground School Path

The private pilots license requires a successful completion of a FAA written test (70% or better). US Flight Co offers two ground school options in preperation for the FAA written test. Online ground school (more cost effective) or one on one ground school with a US Flight Co certified flight instructor. Another option is to purchase and complete the online ground school, then brush up on weak subjects with a certified flight instructor. 

Step 4

20 Hours Flight Time with CFI

The private pilots license requires a minimum of 20 hours flight time with a Certified Flight Instructor. Within these 20 hours the student pilot and certified flight instructor can accomplish other requirements. The requirements to be accomplished include a night flight of 100 nautical miles cross country (with 10 take offs/landings) and 3 hours of simulated/actual instrument flight (IFR).

Step 5

10 Hours Flight Time Solo

The private pilots license requires a minimum of 10 hours solo flight time. This is where the student pilot will fly alone. Within these 10 hours the student pilot can accomplish other requirements. Requirements to be accomplished include 3 take-off/landings at a control towered airport, and a long cross country (see step 6).

Step 6

5 Hours Cross Country Solo Flight Time

The private pilots license requires a minimum of 5 hours cross country solo flight time. This includes one solo cross country of over 150 nautical miles with full stop landings at 3 airports, and one segment of over 50nm between take off and landing.

Step 7

3 Hours Of Preperation for FAA Check Ride

The private pilots license requires 3 hours with a certified flight instructor dedicated to preparing for the FAA check ride. These 3 hours must be completed with 24 months of taking the FAA check ride.

Step 8

Complete FAA Check Ride

Once you’ve satisfied the requirements above (FAR 61.109), you may schedule your final test for the private pilots license. This test will be completed with a FAA designated pilot examiner (DPE). This test includes an oral test and a practical test (flight test). After you successfuly complete the FAA check ride you are now a FAA certified private pilot!

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